Kamil Ogórek

Software development passionate mainly focused on client-side technologies.
I strive for the best possible solution and believe in Software Craftsmanship and TDD.
Constant learning and skills improvement are the only way to go.
Currently working as Lead Code Whisperer at Corgibytes
Ampersand.js core team member.
Weightlifter, climber, obstacle and trail runner, drummer and music lover.
Training and nutrition geek. I cook and admire great food.

Talks and Workshops

Become a Front-end Developer – JavaScript
  1. Coder's Lab Katowice [exam] – September 30, 2016
  2. Coder's Lab Warsaw [course] – August 10 - August 14, 2015
Ampersand.js – Minimalistic Approach to not so minimalistic Problems – slides
  1. Reject.js Berlin – September 11, 2014video
  2. Meet.js Summit Poznań – September 27, 2014
Keep Your Projects Tight – slides
  1. Meet.js Kraków – November 19, 2013


Starting a Journey with Clojure and ClojureScript – January, 2017
Highlights of this year's Euroclojure and ReactiveConf – November, 2016
Setting up a minimal, yet useful JavaScript dev environment – September, 2016
Teaching is hard, but worth it – August, 2015
8 tips that will make you a more active, healthier remote developer – August, 2015
File system permissions and umask in node.js – February, 2015
JavaScript ES5 array iteration methods explained – January, 2015
Modularised Apps with Ampersand.js – December, 2014
Build a fearless development cycle with Git Hooks – November, 2014
The Interviewed: Kamil Ogórek, Senior Client-side Engineer – August, 2014
Speed up your GitHub workflow with Hub – February, 2014
Our Git Workflow – Forks with Feature Branches – September, 2013
Czy (i dlaczego?) warto zainwestowac w Responsive Web Design – March, 2013
HTML5 Tworzenie Gier – Jacob Seidelin – Recenzja ksiazki – February, 2013


Ampersand.js implementation of Gifalicious
Galaxy Shooter Game – winning Solpeo Engine contest submission

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