Kamil Ogórek

Software development passionate mainly focused on client-side technologies.
I strive for the best possible solution and believe in Software Craftsmanship and TDD.
Constant learning and skills improvement are the only way to go.
Currently working as Senior Client-side Engineer for X-Team
Ampersand.js core team member.
Weightlifter, climber, obstacle and trail runner, drummer and music lover.
Training and nutrition geek. I cook and admire great food.

Talks and Workshops

Become a Front-end Developer – JavaScript
  1. Coder's Lab Warsaw – August 10 - August 14, 2015
Ampersand.js – Minimalistic Approach to not so minimalistic Problems – slides
  1. Reject.js Berlin – September 11, 2014video
  2. Meet.js Summit Poznań – September 27, 2014
Keep Your Projects Tight – slides
  1. Meet.js Kraków – November 19, 2013


Teaching is hard, but worth it – August, 2015
8 tips that will make you a more active, healthier remote developer – August, 2015
File system permissions and umask in node.js – February, 2015
JavaScript ES5 array iteration methods explained – January, 2015
Modularised Apps with Ampersand.js – December, 2014
Build a fearless development cycle with Git Hooks – November, 2014
The Interviewed: Kamil Ogórek, Senior Client-side Engineer – August, 2014
Speed up your GitHub workflow with Hub – February, 2014
Our Git Workflow – Forks with Feature Branches – September, 2013
Czy (i dlaczego?) warto zainwestowac w Responsive Web Design – March, 2013
HTML5 Tworzenie Gier – Jacob Seidelin – Recenzja ksiazki – February, 2013


Ampersand.js implementation of Gifalicious
Galaxy Shooter Game – winning Solpeo Engine contest submission

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